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Certified Free From the Top 9 Food Allergens - What does this mean? 

Mompops is committed to providing a great tasting allergen free food that complies with all food safety guidelines set forth by the FDA and Department of Agriculture


Food safety is so important to us that our facility is Certified GMP and Certified Free From the Top 8 Food Allergens - Tree Nuts*, Peanuts, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish AND Sesame. In fact, we are the FIRST frozen novelty manufacturing facility in the USA to make this commitment to an allergen free facility and gain this certification.   


What are Certified GMPs? (Good Manufacturing Practices)

CGMPs are operational and environmental conditions required to produced safe foods.  They address the hazards associated with personnel and the environment during food production and provide a foundation for any food safety system.  To maintain certification we are audited annually onsite by an accredited agency.  We are not mandated to have this certification we choose to so we provide not only a great tasting BUT safe product for you to enjoy!

What is a Certified Free From Top 9 manufacturing facility and why is it important?

Certified Free From the Top 8 food manufacturing facility means we are committed to minimize risk to consumers of food allergy exposure through cross contact and cross contamination.  We do this by adhering to all food safety guidelines.  In addition to the Department of Agriculture we have an outside certification agency, Kitchens with Confidence™ by MenuTrinfo®, that monitors and verifies key components of our food allergy program which includes our supplier verification program, team member training, cleaning, testing, and verification.

Let’s Talk Food Allergy Safety

EVERY Mompops product is free from Peanuts, Tree Nuts*, Gluten/Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, AND Sesame!

Not only are our products free of the top allergens, gluten, and sesame but so is our facility! 

What we pledge to YOU is to provide a great tasting, healthy, safe product for you to enjoy!  Below is how we do it! 


Top 8 allergens, gluten, and sesame are not used in any Mompops products

Any ingredient brought into the Mompops facility has not come from a supplier that has any of the Top 8 allergens, gluten, or sesame in their facility – even in a different part of the facility.

We monitor and verify this process through our Supplier Approval Program

  • Any ingredient that is brought into our facility is 1st reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department. 

  • Quality Assurance requests all ingredient specifications to include allergen statements to review.

  • ALL allergen statements from suppliers verify if the ingredient is free of allergens (top 12), if the line the ingredient was processed on never comes in contact with an allergen, and if the facility ever brings one of the top 12 allergens on site. 

  • Mompops annually requests supplier documents to review.

  • Mompops vets at minimum 2 suppliers for each ingredient annually

Top 9 allergens, gluten, or sesame are not permitted in the facility even if brought in by a team member for their meals



Even with a solid supplier program in place another check never hurt anyone! 

This is why we perform testing on a monthly basis.  We test monthly fo Tree Nuts*, Peanuts, Gluten/Wheat, Sesame, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Fish, and Shellfish.  All testing is reviewed by an outside accredited agency Kitchens with Confidence™ by MenuTrinfo® and is recognized by ANSI.

What is ANSI:  American National Standards Institute.  ANSI is not mandated as OSHA is.  ANSI goals are to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.  ASNI creates uniform testing standards and guidelines for a variety of products and equipment to be used by businesses’ in nearly every sector.



Working at Mompops is much more than making pops.  Food Safety is a PRIORITY at our facility.  

Before any team member is able to work independently, they go through a rigorous training. This training ensures they are equipped to understand food safety and safety around food allergies.    Each new hire is trained by our Quality Assurance Manager who is ServSafe Certified, HACCP Certified, and PCQI Certified.    All materials are onsite for all to have access to anytime.  There is always a trained supervisor on site as well.


What are the above certifications?

  • ServSafe - Nationally accredited certification program on food safety designed by ethe National Restaurant Association.

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) - HACCP identifies every step in the manufacturing process from ordering ingredients to product arriving to its final destination. This is where we identify in the process potential points that could compromise food safety and ensure processes are in place to minimize this from happening.

  • PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) - A qualified individual who has completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls.The goal is to prevent foodborne illnesses through the safe preparation of food production for human consumption.


We are pretty insane about our facility standards!


  • COVID - We adhere to all guidelines set forth by the CDC. This includes things we’ve always done such as hand washing, sanitizer placed throughout the facility, wearing gloves, sending someone home when they aren’t feeling well.What’s new is taking temperature’s when anyone enters the building, limiting visitors, and wearing of masks at all times.

  • DAILY - At the end of every production shift the facility is deep cleaned.. This includes cleaning all surfaces, equipment, and floors.Steramine is used to clean all surfaces and equipment – this is a sanitizing solution 200-400ppm used for food processing

  • WASHING DISHES - We have a Commercial Dishwasher that is maintained/monitored by a 3rd party.They come in monthly to perform routine maintenance on the machine and update supplies needed to keep it in line with standards.EVERY day before we run dishes through it, we test to ensure the chemical balance is correct to clean as expected.

IF you have any feedback or questions on our Top 8 Food Allergy program please don’t’ hesitate to contact our Quality Assurance Manager, Stephanie Cohen, at

*Contains Coconut

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